E-content is being prepared for first year courses, this will be beneficial

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Employment News-Under the National Education Policy, e-content of 17 main subjects of all faculties is being prepared in the first phase for the first year courses in the state. Higher Education Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that by November 10, there is an action plan to prepare more than one thousand e-content models. The target is to create e-content of about 1500 modules for the first year. In the second phase, content on some other subjects will also be prepared.

Higher Education Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that Madhya Pradesh would probably be the first state in the country to provide e-content on the basis of National Education Policy 2020. He said that apart from course books, e-material would also be available to the students in the colleges of the state. Efforts are being made to provide quality education through online medium. Dr. Yadav said that the content being prepared will be available for video lectures, e-texts, assessment questions and references to other subjects as per the rules of the University Grants Commission. It is noteworthy that this work is being done free of cost by the regular teachers, guest scholars of government, non-government universities and colleges of the state.

Applications were received from about 1400 teachers for this work. A 6-day faculty development program was organized for these teachers in seven benches. In this, a total of 1056 teachers were issued certificates on successful completion of FDP.

E-content is being prepared on 17 subjects: 17 subjects Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Sanskrit, English Literature, Foundation Course, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Sociology, History, Geo-Geography to various selected teachers. Module wise division of Garbh Shastra, Hindi, Commerce, Textile and Clothing courses has been entrusted with the task of preparing content. Due to less number of teachers in the remaining subjects, applications will be invited again. Apart from this, e-content is being prepared on optional subjects along with main and other subjects. E-content will also be prepared for vocational subjects courses as and when they become available.

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