Department is now giving education to 1128 children away from school under out of school


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Employment News-Children working in brick kilns away from school and living in slums are being educated under the out of school scheme. In the first survey conducted by the department, a total of 752 children were selected, who were away from school. For their education, 34 special training centers were set up and there the work was being done by special teachers to get the children educated. After this, the survey was again conducted by the Education Department. In this 376 new children have been registered. Now a total of 1128 students have been selected under the out of school scheme, who will be given education. For this, 10 new training centers will also be prepared. A meeting will be held on Monday to prepare new training centers. During this time at which places the centers will be prepared. This will be discussed.

Facility will be available from uniform to food
Every facility will be given to the children by the Education Department so that the attention of the children should be towards education only. All the necessities like books, pencils, bags, uniforms etc. will be provided to the children by the education department. Along with this, arrangements for lunch will also be made so that children do not run away from school. When the children will get good education for six months, then considering the progress of their education, they will be admitted in the same school according to the class. According to the teachers the students who are studying under the scheme. Their response is getting very good.

This block has so many students
block student
Ambala One 133
Ambala To 466
bar 98
Narayangarh 93
saha 95

Shahzadpur 243
total 1128
We have not stopped the survey work under Out of School. As a result, the number of students is increasing continuously. It is our endeavor that education should reach as many students as possible. That is what we are working for.
Sudhir Kalda, DPC, Ambala.

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