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Delhi University to Launch 2 Separate CSAS Portals for UG, PG Admissions Tomorrow

Delhi University is set to introduce the Common Seat Allocation System Portal (CSAS) for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on June 14.

Delhi University is set to introduce the Common Seat Allocation System Portal (CSAS) for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on June 14. In contrast to last year, where DU had a single portal for both undergraduate and postgraduate admissions, this time students will need to complete and update their CSAS application carefully. The university has decided not to release a cut-off list, emphasizing the importance of a thorough application process.

Additionally, Delhi University has revised the norms for undergraduate admissions under the extracurricular activities (ECA) and sports quotas. According to the new rules, colleges can fill 20% of their total supernumerary seats through these quotas. This decision was approved by DU's executive council last week, as reported by PTI.

In terms of the CSAS 2023 application, personal details such as the applicant's name, photograph, and signature submitted during the CUET UG and PG exams will be automatically integrated into the portal. Once a seat is allotted in a particular round, candidates must accept or float the seat before the specified deadline for that round.

For students aspiring to gain admission to St. Stephen College, they must adhere to the college's specific admission policy. Similar to last year, students may encounter difficulties due to the different admission policies of Delhi University and St. Stephen College. Therefore, it is crucial for students to familiarize themselves with the new admission policy and seek guidance from the college's administrative personnel in case of any confusion.

In the CSAS portal of Delhi University, an option for St. Stephen College will be provided, as it falls under DU's domain but follows a distinct admission process. However, applicants have expressed concerns about this option but have yet to receive a satisfactory response from Delhi University. The matter was discussed in a recent meeting of DU's executive council, but the decision has not been made public.

Furthermore, Delhi University is preparing to conduct PhD admissions through the Central University Entrance Test (CUET). The university's executive council passed a resolution on June 9 to implement CUET for PhD admissions starting from the upcoming academic year. This marks the first time that an entrance exam will be scheduled for PhD admissions, replacing the previous written test and interview format. The executive council has also approved the seat matrix and eligibility conditions for the Medical Science Course Admissions Committee, enabling candidates to enroll in undergraduate MBBS/BDS courses for the 2023-24 session. Additionally, the MSc course in Respiratory Therapy will also be included under the domain of CUET-PG.