Computer labs in only 8 schools of Sawai Madhopur, Education department's claims of computer education failed

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Employment News-The central government has given the slogan of Digital India. The state government is also making claims of providing facilities in government schools on the lines of private schools, but in Sawai Madhopur district, the government's claims seem to be failing. The students of government schools in the district are still deprived of computer education. Out of total 68 secondary schools in the district, 60 schools do not have computer labs.

According to the guidelines of the government, computer lab will be established like this
According to the government's guideline, computer labs have to be set up in 60 schools with the help of Bhamashah, 25 percent amount i.e. 75 thousand 750 rupees and 75 percent i.e. 2 lakh rupees from the state government in schools deprived of computer education in the district. The Education Department is claiming that electricity connections are available in all the schools in the district, but so far computer labs have not been established in 60 schools. In such a situation, the claims of the government and the education department seem to be failing.

away from computer education
According to the information received from the education department, computer labs are to be established in 68 secondary schools in the district. Out of these, computer labs have been established in 8 schools, while 60 schools are still deprived of computer labs. In such a situation, about 1800 students from 9th to 10th and 11th and 12th are deprived of computer education. In such a situation, if the government and the education department do not pay attention, then thousands of students will not be able to get computer education in this session.

Knowledge of computer is necessary even in competitive exams
Computer knowledge is mandatory in the preparation of any competitive exam from the government. Now computer education questions are asked in every competitive exam. Many questions related to computer are asked especially for recruitment related to banking. Along with this, good knowledge of computer also proves to be helpful in interview. Apart from this, it is necessary to have fast computer speed in Hindi and English after many competitive exams.

There is no study in the schools of the district which have labs
In the government schools of the district where computer labs are operated, studies have not started since the corona epidemic. Education is being done in schools but computer classes are not being taken.

Education status in the district
- Totally operated government schools in the district from class 1st to 12th - 1032
Number of government students in the district from class 1st to 12th - 1 lakh 36 thousand 10
-Secondary and higher secondary schools in the district-288
-Number of secondary schools-68
No. of Higher Secondary Schools-227
-Model school operated in the district-5

they say
100 percent electrification has been done in the government schools of the district. Budget has been allocated for computer education in 24 schools. Setting up of computer labs in these schools is under process. Soon computer labs will be set up in all schools.
Nathulal Khatik, District Education Officer Secondary, Sawai Madhopur

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