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Class 9 Student From West Bengal Invents Shoe That Generates Electricity, Know How it Works

Souvik Seth, a ninth-grade student from Barasat Depara, Chandannagar, Hooghly, has created a shoe that generates electricity while walking.
Souvik Seth, a class 9 student of Barasat Depara, Chandannagar, Hooghly invented a shoe that generates electricity when you walk with them on. Everything can be charged from mobile, GPS tracking to cameras with that electricity. His interest in electronics started from watching his uncle work on electronics while studying in fifth grade. This student of the English department of Chandannagar Kanailal School has already received several science display awards. Souvik claims that electricity can be generated by walking with shoes on. A 2000 mAh battery will charge easily. This battery will be charged only by walking for one kilometer. For now, this smart shoe system is done externally. Within a month all the gadgets will be built into the sole of the shoe. And for this, a shoe manufacturing company is needed that could help Souvik financially. The inventor believes that it will bring a new direction in the world of shoes. As a result, travellers who are out on a trip or mountain climbing will be benefitted. Souvik says, “I made this smart suit from discarded items. These shoes have a GPS system which is very convenient for children. It takes a long time to find a child if they go missing. But if this is worn, they can be easily found. Not only this, family members can see where their children are. The shoes are equipped with spy cameras. It can easily be seen if there is a suspicious person around. However, there is no way that the suspicious person will realize that the child has a camera attached to his or her shoe. Walking creates kinetic energy and from that this electricity is generated. Many times it will be very convenient for those who step on the hill.” If any big company contacts him, he says his work will be worthwhile. Souvik’s father Swaroop Seth is a jute mill worker. His mother Soma Seth said, “When he was studying in the fifth standard, he used to watch the work of Chinese Light with his uncle. This is where his wish comes from. First, a bicycle calling bell is fashioned out of discarded materials. Later developed a spy suit, which included navigation with a camera. It costs a lot to make.” He is willing to study ITI in the near future.

Souvik Seth, a ninth-grade student from Barasat Depara, Chandannagar, Hooghly, has created a shoe that generates electricity while walking. This electricity can be used to charge mobile phones, GPS devices, and even cameras. Souvik's interest in electronics began when he observed his uncle working on electronics during his fifth-grade studies. He has already won several science display awards as a student of the English department at Chandannagar Kanailal School.

According to Souvik, the shoes can generate electricity when the wearer walks, and a 2000 mAh battery can be easily charged by walking one kilometer. Currently, the smart shoe system is designed externally, but Souvik plans to incorporate all the gadgets into the sole of the shoe within a month. However, he requires financial assistance from a shoe manufacturing company.

Souvik believes that his invention will revolutionize the shoe industry, particularly for travelers on trips or mountain climbing. He claims that the shoes come equipped with a GPS system, spy cameras, and are capable of generating electricity through kinetic energy, which makes them convenient and safe to use.

Moreover, Souvik says that the GPS system in the shoes is particularly helpful for children as it allows family members to track their location. Additionally, the shoes have spy cameras, which can be used to detect any suspicious activity without the suspect realizing that they are being monitored.

Souvik's father, Swaroop Seth, works in a jute mill, and his mother, Soma Seth, says that Souvik's interest in electronics began when he was in the fifth grade, watching his uncle work on Chinese Light electronics. Souvik fashioned his first invention out of discarded materials, a bicycle calling bell, before developing a spy suit with navigation and a camera.

Souvik hopes to pursue further studies in ITI and believes that his work will be worthwhile if a large company contacts him.