Children of council schools will get education from smart TV

Employment News

Employment News-Children studying in council schools located in village Pujneki, Dubhar Kishanpur, Khadlana, Umahi and Ramkhedi will now be able to take education through smart TV. Smart TVs have been provided by Vidya Gyan India Foundation Kota to the council schools of the respective villages.

Foundation manager PK Aggarwal handed over the said smart TVs to District Basic Education Officer Ambrish Kumar in the presence of CDO Vijay Kumar. CDO Vijay Kumar appreciated the work of the Foundation, as well as instructed the teachers of the respective schools to teach the children through innovative teaching technology through Smart TV. He appealed to the able people of the society to come forward for the upliftment of the council schools, so that the children of poor families of the society can also get an opportunity to get better education. District Basic Education Officer Ambareesh Kumar also expressed his gratitude to the foundation. He expressed hope that surely after the advent of modern resources like smart TVs, other children and their parents will be inclined towards council schools.

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