Children of common people will be deprived of education

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Employment News-Public Education Policy 2020 is a conspiracy to deprive the children of common people of the country from the benefits of public education. The said allegations have been made by Hari Singh, the provincial general secretary of the United School Teachers Association, during a meeting held on Sunday. He said that due to the playing of public education by the present governments, about 80 crore people of our country will have to bear the loss. Which his association strongly opposes.

The Jammu and Kashmir United School Teachers Association will register its protest in Jammu on November 2 on the call of the School Teachers Federation of India to organize a nationwide protest. He said that during the demonstration, along with the National Education Policy 2020, cancellation of the new pension scheme, regularization of temporary teachers, direct recruitment to fill the posts of teachers lying vacant in the department, justice complete transfer. Apart from implementing the policy, a demand will be made to start classroom education instead of online.

He said that the main objective of the demonstration would be to strengthen the education infrastructure. In which regularization of lecturers and head master and other officers, DPC closed for 6 months, 22 years of service work, stopping service after 48 years of age without hearing, making transfer policy for teachers, non-academic work of teachers. Along with this, there will be a demand to issue notification for the admission of classes 11th and 12th. On this occasion, the district head of the association, Roopchand, has appealed to more and more teachers to participate in the protest in Jammu. He said that all the teachers should join this protest. So that voice can be raised against the anti-education attitude of the government.

Teacher leaders Wali Mohammad, Kishori Lal, Noor Alam, Pawan Kumar Shamsher Singh Ramesh Chandra etc. were present on this occasion.

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