Bhagwatacharya became the way for the bright future of poor children, teaching them to live life with spirituality

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Employment News-Young scholars showing the path of spirituality have now set out to awaken the light of education. The scholar who recited Bhagwat to the children begging on the streets has brought a new light of education. Nowadays, the street school running near the multilevel parking on Chhatikara Marg remains a focal point of attraction for the people.

Bhagwatacharya teaching poor children how to live life
Those children of laborers living in roadside slums, who are trying to earn bread for two times with their families by begging from passing vehicles, whose childhood has remained only a means of learning to fill their stomachs. Young Bhagwat speaker Nitya Kishori has now come to show them a new way of living. By the way, Nitya Kishori inspires people from religious forums to follow the path of spirituality. But beyond this, she is also teaching these poor children to live life properly.

Father is retired officer from bank
Originally from Rewari city of Haryana, the father of Nitya Kishori is a retired officer from the bank. After the retirement of the father, the family started living in Vrindavan about four years ago. After post graduation in English literature, Nitya Kishori, doing M.ED, started on the path of religion and started reciting Bhagwat.

Efforts to connect people with God through Bhagwat
Nitya tells that this school has been named as Bihari ji ki Pathshala, through this good habits are being taught to the children. In the initial days of the school, 22 children used to come to study, but now 40 children come. Earlier Bhagwatacharya used to work to connect people with God through daily Bhagwat, but now I am trying to connect children with education. Children are also very happy to come to this school. And join this school everyday. Bihari ji's school will prove to be a milestone in writing the bright future of the children.

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