Basic education department owes 13 crores of electricity bill

Employment NEws

Employment News-The electricity department tries to cut the line when there is arrears from the common consumers, but it is not so with the government departments. This is the reason that the Electricity Department currently owes Rs 13 crore to the Basic Education Department. The department is not depositing the dues even after repeated notices. Many departments have also jammed the arrears after the notice, but right now the electricity department is worried about the recovery of dues on four or six departments and is planning to cut the electricity connection.

XEN Distribution Division I Arvind Kumar Singh said that the Department of Basic Education has the highest outstanding of Rs 13 crore. Apart from this, there is an outstanding of one crore on PWD, 40 lakh on Women's Hospital and 30 lakh on CHC Palhani. Continuous notices and bills are being provided to all the defaulters. Even after this, the arrears have not been deposited by the above four departments so far. Irrigation Department also had arrears of 27 lakhs, which have been deposited on Tuesday. He said that continuous guidelines are being issued from Shakti Bhawan regarding recovery of dues. If the arrears are not deposited soon, the lights of these defaulting departments can also be turned off.

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