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What is 12 week school readiness program, which will increase the quality of education

Employment News

Employment News-Under the National Education Policy, to strengthen the primary education, school readiness program is to be organized from April to September, which will be started in the district from Monday. A detailed plan for this 12-week program has been made by the Basic Department. The participation of parents will be ensured in this. From the point of view of child psychology, 80 percent of the brain is developed by the age of six. Keeping this in mind, it is very important to develop the base of learning in pre-primary classes and in them.

District Basic Education Officer Vinay Kumar said that according to the readiness program, activities are to be conducted on three dimensions by designating one teacher as the nodal teacher in each primary and composite schools. First, children should maintain good health and hygiene. Second, children's communication should be effective and third, children should be learners who stay connected with their work and stay connected with their immediate surroundings.

Outlining these three dimensions, a 12-week activity calendar has been created. This includes a school preparatory activity in Class I from April 25 to May 14, a repetition of three-week activities from June 16 to June 25, and conduct of four to eight weeks of activities from June 27 to July 30, nine from August 1 to August 27. Conducting 12 weeks of activities and conducting progress assessment and meeting with parents from 1st September to 15th September. In this, parents will be told how important it is for their children to be educated.