Students who drop out in the middle will also get certificate, diploma and degree

Employment News

Employment News-There is a big change in the studies in the colleges of Himachal Pradesh from the new academic session. Now students who drop out due to some reason will also get certificate, diploma and degree. National Education Policy 2020 will be implemented in the colleges of the state from the academic session 2022-23. It has been made mandatory for colleges to get accreditation from NAAC and to set up research and development cells. On Thursday, Director of Higher Education Dr. Amarjeet Kumar Sharma has issued a letter to all the college principals to implement the guidelines of the UGC. If a student studying in college leaves studies for one year, then he will get a certificate. On leaving studies after two years, you will get a diploma. Degree after three years and Integrated degree after four years. The provisions of the National Education Policy have been implemented in schools.

Under the National Education Policy, for the first time, multiple entry and exit system is being implemented. It will be implemented in colleges from the new session. Under the education policy, every student studying in the college will have an academic bank of credit. It will be a virtual store house. Records of each student will be kept in this. For this the college and university will have to register themselves with the Academic Bank of Credit Scheme. Three years degree will be given for job seekers and four years for those interested in research. Credit based choice system will also be implemented. Students can choose subjects as per their wish. Studies related to international affairs will also be conducted in colleges. Courses that will increase employment opportunities will be started.

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