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Separate schools will be opened for girl students in Afghanistan, Taliban issued decree

Separate schools will be opened for girl students in Afghanistan, Taliban issued decree

Employment News-Separate secondary schools will now be opened for girls in Afghanistan. The Taliban, who forcibly seized the country's power, has instructed the provincial education departments of Kabul to open schools with certain conditions. According to the information given by the Afghan journalist, the Taliban has formed a committee for the education of girls. This committee will work under the leadership of CJ Abdul Hakim Sharahi.

In a series of tweets, Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwari claimed that Taliban appointed committee for girls' education led by CJ Abdul Hakim Sharahi, Ministry of Education (MOE) directed Kabul's provincial education departments to open secondary schools . However, it is being told that many conditions have been laid for opening the school.

Taliban put conditions

According to the Afghan journalist, the conditions placed by the Taliban are as follows:

1.All girl students and teachers of class VI must wear Islamic hijab and their faces should be covered.

2. Only women will be allowed to enter the school during school hours.

3. Instruction is also that all the girl students will not stop anywhere on the way to school nor will they meet any friend
4. All the teachers have also been instructed to complete the syllabus during the academic year.

faced heavy criticism

Significantly, this decision has been taken after the Taliban faced criticism for banning education of women. 2021 has been the worst year for Afghan women as the Taliban withdrew their right to education and work after taking control of Afghanistan. The Taliban have imposed harsh restrictions on the rights of women and girls to freedom of expression, association, assembly and movement.