Schools should relax the rules of uniform to protect against heat, education ministry issued guidelines

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Employment News-The Ministry of Education has asked schools to relax the rules of uniform to save children from the heat. The ministry said schools may allow students to wear loose and light-coloured clothing. The ministry on Wednesday issued guidelines to schools to deal with the ill-effects of heat and heat, in which this advice has been given.
The norms regarding uniforms may be relaxed, the ministry said. Students may be allowed to wear canvas shoes instead of leather shoes. Children may be forbidden from wearing a tie. At the same time, students may be advised to wear full-sleeved shirts.

this advice too
- Do not allow more students to sit in the school bus or van. Drinking water and first aid kit should be available in the vehicle.
Students should bring their own water bottles, caps and umbrellas. Use them when you go out.
While returning home, students should carry enough water in bottles.
Students should be made aware of the importance of proper hydration to combat heat wave. Drinking enough water at regular intervals should be advised.
Increased hydration can lead to increased use of toilets. Therefore, the toilets should be kept clean.
Heat can spoil the food. Therefore, fresh food should be served under PM nutrition. The teachers in charge can check the food before serving the food.
Canteens in schools should ensure that fresh and healthy food is served.
Children can be advised to have light food during lunch or tiffin.
Schools should ensure that all fans are working and that all classrooms are properly ventilated.
If possible, alternative power backup can be arranged.
Curtains, newspapers, etc. can be used to prevent sunlight from entering the orbit directly. Curtains made of 'Khas', bamboo or jute can be used.

first aid facilities
ORS or sachets of salt and sugar solution should be available in schools for the treatment of mild heat stroke.
Teaching and non-teaching staff should be trained to provide first aid to students in case of mild heatstroke.
Schools should ensure quick access to the nearest hospital, clinic, doctor or nurse in case of heatstroke.
- Necessary medical kit should be available in the school.
- In case of any emergency, the examination centers should be linked with the local health workers and medical centres.

Residential Schools Take Some Other Measures
The staff nurse should have the necessary medicines for common heat related ailments.
There should be curtains on the windows in the dormitories.
Lemon, buttermilk and seasonal fruits should have more water content.
Spicy food should be avoided.
- Ensure continuous availability of water and electricity in classrooms, hostels and dining halls.
Games and sports activities should be organized in the evening.
Do's and don'ts regarding heat wave should be displayed at prominent places in the school.
Do this...
Drink enough water, even when you are not thirsty.
To keep yourself hydrated, use ORS, homemade drinks like lassi, torani (rice water), lemonade, butter milk etc.
- Stay indoors as much as possible.
If you feel faint or ill, see a doctor immediately.

Don't do this...
Do not go out on an empty stomach or after having a heavy meal.
Avoid going out in the sun, especially in the afternoon if not necessary.
Avoid excessive activities when you are out in the afternoon.
Don't go out barefoot.
Do not eat junk, stale, spicy food.

 for exam center
Children may be allowed to bring their own transparent water bottle to the examination hall.
The examination centers should ensure availability of potable drinking water, which is readily available to the candidates at the centres.
The examination centers should ensure that water is supplied to the candidates immediately as and when demanded by them.

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