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Now more monitoring will increase in the examinations of Himachal Education Board, the excuse of server failure will not work

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Employment News-Monitoring from the control room in the examinations of Himachal Pradesh School Education Board will increase further. Now the excuse of technical defect will not be used in the examination center established in any school. There is no excuse for server failure. In order to be monitored in a controlled manner during the examination, the education board will ask for the IP address from the schools and examination centers in advance. Before the exam, there will be a technical verification on the IP address. Which will not cause any problem.

The Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education has connected the examination centers with CCTV cameras to prevent cheating in schools. But at the time of examination, the CCTV cameras of some examination centers are not working or are not able to connect with the CCTV control room, due to which there is a problem in monitoring the control room from the education board. In many places, the in-charge of the examination centers gives the reason for the problem in the network. In such a situation, the education board sometimes gets the CCTV footage from the concerned examination center in-charge. In such a situation, now the school education board will take the IP address from the schools in advance and will technically strengthen the control room in advance so that there is no problem during the examination.

The President of the Board of Education said this

Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education President Dr. Suresh Kumar Soni told that every effort is being made to stop copying. During the examinations, CCTVs of many examination centers are not connected. Therefore, it is being considered to get the IP address before the commencement of the examination so that there is no problem during the time of the examination.