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No electricity in 500 schools of Bhopal, how will smart classrooms be prepared

No electricity in 500 schools of Bhopal, how will smart classrooms be prepared

Employment News-Crores of rupees are spent every year to strengthen school education in the state, yet thousands of schools are still away from basic facilities. The situation is that many schools do not have electricity, water and even toilets. This is when a separate budget is sanctioned from the Center for toilets and handwash units. Even after this, it is difficult to imagine washing hands for students in thousands of schools, because they still have to go out of school for defecation etc.

Government schools are in bad shape in the capital Bhopal itself. In many schools up to the secondary level, all classes are held in a single verandah in the absence of rooms. There are more than five hundred such schools which do not have electricity. In such a situation, how will the dream of smart class and computer education be fulfilled. There are hundreds of schools which have classrooms but their condition is dilapidated. At the same time, students of many schools still have to go out of school for toilets or drinking water. In such a situation, the State Education Center has once again sent a proposal to the Swachh Bharat Kosh to approve a budget of Rs 84 lakh for the construction of toilets in 8500 schools.

Online education is to be promoted under the National Education Policy. Smart class rooms and computer education have been made mandatory. Now in such a situation, when there is no electricity system in schools, then smart class cannot be imagined. There is no playground in 32541 government schools of the state.
Government schools in five major cities lack these basic facilities

District Electricity No Shabby Class Room Toilet Handwash Drinking Water
Bhopal-- 538 -- 616 -- 56 -- 151 -- 26
Barwani-- 2344 -- 1047 -- 24--169 -- 8
Dhar-- 2253 -- 1354 -- 206 -- 1206 -- 79

Alirajpur-- 2058-- 1101--864-- 1372-- 35
Morena-- 1890-- 695-- 116-- 1016-- 158
Number of government primary and secondary schools in the state - 98,963
Higher Secondary School -- 8,555

Number of children - one crore 10 lakh
Number of teachers- 3.50 lakhs
Vacant posts of teachers - 70 thousand
Understand the plight of the state's schools from the figures
No power system --36,498
There is no classroom-- 1498
Less damaged class rooms -- 22,361

More damaged class rooms-- 19,465
Bad toilet -- 11,409
There is no toilet for boys--3127
There is no toilet for girls--2022
Lack of drinking water--1520
Handwash units not made --20,608
No handwash - 34553
Library No-- 7634
There is no playing field--32541
There is no toilet for disabled children--93,166
There is no toilet for disabled girls--94238
There is no ramp for handicapped children - 14130
No handrail ramps for handicapped children--50,855
No rainwater harvesting facility-- 91,846
Kitchen is not a garden-- 87,868
Science is not a laboratory-- 95102
Whatever shortcomings are there in government schools, efforts are on to remove them at the earliest. A budget proposal has been sent for the provision of toilets in schools. Other facilities will also be completed on priority.
- Dhanaraju S, Director, State Education Center