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For the improvement of education in primary children, classes will be held for teachers in the holidays

For the improvement of education in primary children, classes will be held for teachers in the holidays.

Employment News- Continuous efforts are being made by the Education Department with the aim of improving education. Under this, FLN training will be given to primary teachers during summer vacations. In this, teachers will be told interesting ways to teach children. More than 500 primary teachers from the district will participate in the training.

Under Nipun Haryana, primary teachers will be given training in FLN (Basic Literacy and Numeracy). The training camp will start from June 5 across the state. In this, each teacher will be given five days training. In which the presence of teachers is mandatory. For this, biometric attendance will be taken. Special trainers will be sent from the directorate to train the teachers. Apart from this, the teachers who have gone to their home area during the summer holidays, they will be given a link to join through online medium. Along with this, an application will have to be given to the Basic Education Officer to join the training in the home sector. More than 500 primary teachers of the district will participate in this training. This training will be given at the block level.

Training will be for seven hours per day
The training program organized at the block level will last for seven hours each day. In this training, orders have been issued by the directorate to train a group of 40 teachers at a time. The training will run from 9 am to 4 pm. During the training, biometric attendance of teachers will be made. Under this, no teacher will be able to leave the training.
Budget has been released for each center
The budget for each training center has been released by the education department. Under this, budget has been released for arrangements like banners, certificates, seating arrangements, coolers etc. Three thousand rupees have been released for 40 participants in the five-day training camp. For the catering of each participant, 20 thousand rupees have been given at the rate of 100 rupees. With this, a total budget of Rs 25,000 including 2 thousand has been released for stationery.
Teachers say the department is getting involved in training
Teachers say that the department is doing a lot of training every month to entangle the teachers. Due to entanglement of these trainings, teachers are unable to pay attention to education. The job of a teacher is to teach, but the department is misleading the teachers by getting them trained again and again. Teachers have been trained many times on the same subject. There is no point in getting training on the same topic every time.
FLN training is to be done for primary teachers in the district. Under which teachers will be told how to teach children in sports and games. At the same time, various activities have to be done in the training. Sunita Sai, Block Education Officer.