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Education Ministry issued new guidelines for schools, relaxation in uniform and instructions to change time

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Employment News-With the beginning of May this year, many states of the country are witnessing severe heat and heat wave. Despite this, board and school examinations are going on in many states, while in some the new session has started. In such a situation, the Union Education Ministry has issued guidelines for schools to deal with the heat.

School uniform rules should be relaxed
In the guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Education, the school managements have been asked to try to relax the uniform norms in their schools. It can become a problem for children to come in school uniform in such heat. In view of the heat, students may be allowed to wear light and airy clothes.

Instructions to schools to change time
Along with this, the Union Education Ministry has also asked the schools to revise the timings. In many states, the school timings are from 10 am to 4 pm, while in some states it is from 8 am to 2 pm. At two o'clock in the afternoon the heat is at its peak and the heat wave continues. Therefore, the Union Education Ministry has also asked the schools to revise the timings.
These are the guidelines issued by the central government
The central government has given instructions to change the school timings from 7 am to 12 noon.
Children have been asked not to do sports and outdoor activities or get them done in the morning to save them from the heat.
The number of seats in the school bus and van, the number of students will be able to sit. They have to stand in the shade.
Drinking water will have to be made available inside school buses and vans.
Appealed to parents that they should not send children by public vehicles, but it would be better if they bring them themselves.
At the same time, the school's prayer meeting will also be held in a closed classroom.
Direct sunlight from the windows does not enter the classroom, so curtains have to be covered.
Instructions have also been given to take care of children from water bottle and food.
At the same time, there are instructions to cover the students coming on bicycle or on foot with a head cap or umbrella.
The classroom must be ventilated, open and have fans in it, as well as arrangements for power backup have to be kept.
Keep the numbers of the school teacher and parent doctor in case of emergency and get general advice.
These guidelines will also be applicable at the examination centers.