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Education Minister announced in Legislative Council, decision on desired transfer after seventh phase teacher appointment

Education Minister announced in Legislative Council, decision on desired transfer after seventh phase teacher appointment

Employment News- In the Legislative Council, Education Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary said that after the appointment of teachers in the seventh phase, the employed teachers and librarians of panchayat and municipal bodies can be transferred to another district and planning unit. Responding to the attention of Kedarnath Pandey, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Sanjay Kumar Singh and Sanjeev Shyam Singh on Wednesday, Education Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said that the appointment will be affected after the transfer of the class for which the posts of teachers are fixed. The minister said that in the seventh phase, 50 percent of the vacancies available for appointment to the posts of higher secondary teachers will be under the Promotion Rules 2020. The restoration of teachers is going on since 2019 under the first to the sixth phase of the appointment, promotion, transfer, disciplinary action and service conditions of teachers of panchayat and municipal bodies.

After the recruitment of secondary and higher secondary teachers in the sixth phase, after counting the posts of teachers in high schools, the process of appointment will be taken in the seventh phase. The minister said that the category of vacancy available for transfer would be decided. Vacancies advertised for appointment will not be included in the calculation of vacancies. The recruitment process of the sixth phase is going on, so the transfer of teachers will be done after the process of appointment is over. Divyang, women teachers and librarians will get priority in transfer. The Education Minister said that from September 2020, the facility of EPF has been given. will be entitled to pension.

Block resource persons will be back in the original school within a month
Education Minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary said in the assembly that the Block Resource Centers (BRPs) working in all the Block Resource Centers of the state would be sent back to their original schools within a month. He said that it is also a matter in the notice of the government that how much is the usefulness of BRP. The usefulness of this post is being reviewed. A question mark has arisen regarding this post. If this post is not useful, then the process of abolishing the post will be followed. A committee will be formed for this.

Responding to the calling attention of BJP's Arun Shankar Prasad, he said that if the post of BRP is found useful in any form, then the government will select new people through the new process. Arun Shankar Prasad had asked the government that according to the BRP Selection Guide 2017 for all the Block Resource Centers in the state, there was a provision to make selection on the posts of Block Resources (BRP) for a maximum period of three years.

More than one lakh ration cards canceled in two and a half months: Leshi Singh
Responding to the starred questions of member Sarvesh Kumar in the Legislative Council on Wednesday, Food and Consumer Protection Minister Leshi Singh said that the department is distributing ration cards by organizing camps at various places in Bihar to provide ration to the poor. One lakh 23 thousand ration cards have been canceled in 2022-23. At the same time, ration cards of eight and a half lakh people have been canceled since 2017. All these card holders were not eligible.

He said that such people are identified for checking the ration card, who do not pick up ration for three months. Who is hiding eligibility. The card of such people will be cancelled. Responding to the starred questions of member Ashok Kumar Agrawal, the Minister said that in 2020, more than 36.87 lakh new ration cards are being run by the government for livelihood in rural areas and through the National Urban Livelihood Mission in urban areas on the basis of survey. are issued and it is a regular process. There is a system for the beneficiaries to process the online application.

Nitish Nagar and Modi Bhawan will be built in West Champaran
Revenue and Land Reforms Minister Ramsurat Kumar said that Modi Bhawan and Nitish Nagar will be built in Bagaha of West Champaran district. The Revenue and Land Reforms Minister gave this information in response to the starred question of JDU's Khalid Anwar in the Legislative Council on Wednesday. Khalid Anwar had raised the question of rehabilitation of Nitish Nagar, Rehman Nagar in the resettlement settlement of Bagaha block of West Champaran. On this, the minister said that very soon Modi Bhawan and Nitish Nagar will be built in West Champaran. He said that those who have not received the receipt of the land for rehabilitation, all of them will also get the receipt soon.

Standing committees will be formed in Panchayats in 15 days
Panchayati Raj Minister Samrat Chaudhary said that instructions would be given to constitute seven standing committees in three-tier Panchayati Raj institutions of the state within 15 days. All standing committees will be formed through election. He said that the amount would be stopped in the panchayats where standing committees have not been formed through elections. The Panchayati Raj Minister was replying to a short notice question by Dhaka MLA Pawan Kumar Jaiswal in the Assembly on Wednesday.