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Bill Babu of Basic Education Accounts Department arrested for taking bribe


Employment News-On Thursday afternoon, the team of Anti-Corruption Organization Unit, Agra took cognizance of DM CDO in-charge and caught Bill Babu Kailash Chandra Sharma of Accountant Finance and Accounts Officer Basic Education Office located in the District Panchayat premises red-handed taking a bribe of three thousand rupees. This action was taken on the complaint of the assistant teacher. Bill Babu had demanded a bribe of five thousand rupees to pass the salary arrears. A report has been lodged against the accused Bill Babu in the police station highway.

Bani Singh, an assistant teacher posted in the primary school Nagla Sampat in the Raya area of ​​development block, did not get the salary-arrears for the year 2018 and 2019. The teacher complained about this on the public hearing portal, but no action was taken. After this, Bani Singh contacted Bill Babu Kailash Chandra Sharma, Finance and Accounts Officer, Basic Education Office. Kailash Chand Sharma asked for five thousand rupees.

On May 6, the teacher gave two thousand rupees to Babu. Along with this, the teacher gave an application to the Anti-Corruption Organization Unit Agra to arrest Babu in the bribery case. A trap team was formed under the leadership of Inspector Shivraj Singh, in-charge of the unit. On Thursday, the team reached the tank crossroads at 7.45 am. The team in-charge gave six 500-500 notes to the teacher by applying chemicals.

In the absence of DM, CDO met Dr. Nitin Gaur. On the instructions of the CDO, Justice Assistant Vijay Singh and Reader CR Virendra Kumar along with the team as witnesses reached the Finance and Accounts Officer Basic Education Office located in the District Panchayat office premises at 12.30 am.

According to the earlier plan, when the teacher Bunny Singh asked the bill clerk to pass the salary arrears, the clerk asked for the remaining three thousand rupees according to the amount of bribe already fixed. The teacher handed over the envelope of money to the bill clerk. Meanwhile, the team nabbed Bill Lipkick. The chemical-laden notes were recovered from the clerk. Inspector Shivraj Singh filed a report against the clerk in the police station highway. Police station in-charge Anuj Kumar Rana said that after registering a case, the accused clerk has been arrested.