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Best of five crutches are dangerous for the future along with the students

Best of five crutches are dangerous for the future along with the students

Employment News-In the name of improving the quality of education, the Board of Secondary Education came up with the best of five formula four years ago. The objective was that if a student passes in any five of the six subjects in the 10th class, then he will be sent to the next class as a pass in the examination. This will not only improve the examination results, but will also save the students from spoiling the academic year.

This formula of the Mandal is proving to be meaningful in terms of the future of the children, but it will also be responsible for the quality of education and the lack of youth who are proficient in English, Mathematics subjects in the coming years. If we look at the tenth examination results of the year 2021-22, 31 percent of the students have reached the 11th class despite failing in English and Mathematics subjects. That is, these children are weak in English and Mathematics. Similarly, even after failing in other subjects, students have passed, but their number is less as compared to English and Mathematics.

Concerned with this formula, educationists say that due to the implementation of the Best of Five scheme in class 10, students are giving up studying difficult subjects. They know that even if they do not study two subjects, they will pass. The board is continuing the result improvement scheme despite the objections. On the other hand, instead of snatching the crutches of the students, the education department is planning to train teachers in these subjects in the name of weak results. Let us inform that a total of 10 lakh 29 thousand 698 candidates had appeared in the 10th class. Out of this, a total of three lakh 55 thousand 371 candidates have failed. Do not stop from now on, you will appear in the examination.

Poor performance of students in English and Mathematics

Shocking figures have come out in the results of this year's 10th examination of MP Board. On studying the results subject wise, it was revealed that the students of class 10 are the most behind in English and Mathematics. Three lakh 32 thousand in English and three lakh 20 thousand students in Mathematics could not get the qualifying marks. After this, the number of such students is more in science and social science subjects.

this is best of five

Mashim implemented the best of five scheme in 2018 to increase the percentage of 10th result. Under this, out of six subjects, the result will be prepared after calculating the five subjects in which more marks will come. If a student is passed in five subjects and fails in one, his result will be pass.

The letter was written by DPI
Abhay Verma, Commissioner DPI

Most of the students are leaving out the difficult subjects Maths, English and Science because of Best of Five. Because of this, the number of students in these subjects is increasing.

Sunita Saxena, Educationist

The DPI had written a letter to Mashim two years ago demanding to abolish the Best of Five scheme, but Mashim could not take any decision in this regard. However, Mashim had also sent a proposal to the government.

they say

The performance of students in Mathematics and English subjects has deteriorated in the 10th examination results this year. Teachers of these subjects will be trained. Best of five plan can also be one of the reasons, we are reviewing it.