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A campaign to test the quality of school education will start from this year, NCERT will submit the report to the Ministry of Education

EMployment News

Employment News-In the midst of efforts to improve the quality of school education, the changes coming in it will now also be examined annually. For this, an independent unit will be formed at the national level, which will look after this entire system. Presently, this proposed agency has been named 'Parakh'. At the same time, preparations are also being made to start this entire campaign from this year itself. In this, the report card of the students along with the schools will be prepared. Based on this, necessary facilities and help will be provided to them.

The report will be submitted to the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education has currently entrusted the task of preparing the roadmap for this to the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), which will soon submit this report to the Ministry of Education. However, the responsibility of assessing the quality of school education is still with NCERT, which currently works to check it through the National Achievement Survey (NAS).

Reports to be released soon

Meanwhile, the report of the survey of NAS-2021 is indicated to be released soon. If sources are to be believed, the report of the survey of NAS-2021 will be the basis for assessing the quality of schools. Based on this the changes will be tested.

quality check work

According to the proposed plan of the ministry, Parakh will work to test the quality of all government and private schools across the country. It will remain an independent agency. In addition, it will include professionals who have expertise in such assessments. This entire assessment will be done online. Through this, while the quality of the schools will be known, the overall progress of each student will also come to the fore.
suggestions to the states

It is worth noting that in the new National Education Policy, to check the quality of school education, along with this initiative at the national level, the states have also been suggested to make a system of quality assessment at their level.

Also focus on innovation

Now the focus will also be on innovation in assessing the quality of school education. In this, the steps taken in this direction in each of the schools and such talent will be recognized. Along with this, by identifying the interest of school children, they will be helped to move forward. Anyway, Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) are being established in schools at present to connect school students with innovation. Where children can hone their talents related to innovation.