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53 lakh rupees cut in the budget of council schools


Employment News- 529 primary schools of the Basic Education Council operating in the Junior High School campus have been declared as composite schools due to their location in the same campus. Along with this, the government has also cut Rs 53 lakh in the budget of council schools of basic education. Under this, the headmasters will be shocked by the reduction in the budget amount given for sports and library. After the new system, now only the budget fixed for junior high schools is given to the composite schools. Due to this, each school is getting ten thousand rupees less.

Before the composite there were 3140 primary schools in the district. Out of this, 529 primary schools have been merged and made composite schools. With this, the number of primary schools has now come down to 2611. This has not only reduced the posts of the headmaster, but has also cut the budget. Composite grant is given on the basis of number of students. In such a situation, there has been a huge reduction in the works for which budgets are given school wise. Earlier, five thousand rupees were given to each primary school for sports material and five thousand rupees only for library and ten thousand rupees were given to junior high schools. When the primary schools were merged to form the composite school, the primary and junior high schools were merged into the composite schools. In such a situation, now the children of primary and junior high schools in composite schools have to manage the headmasters from the same budget. (Dialogue)

Posts also decreased, disputes also increased
Schools of the same campus were combined to form a composite, but many works were affected by this. The responsibility of both the schools was handed over to the headmasters of the junior high school itself. No separate cadre has been fixed for this. This reduced the posts of headmasters of primary schools, after a long time the principals of primary schools were merged into the composite school by giving the name of Assistant Teacher Junior High School. This has reduced the chances of promotion.
The budget for schools is fixed by the government and its allocation is done. Whatever budget comes, it is sent to the account of the managing committees. If there is a problem, it is being resolved.
- Dr. Akhilesh Pratap Singh, BSA