48 seats are vacant in BA first year

Employment News

Employment News-In Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial PG College, about 48 seats are currently vacant in BA 1st year. Many students who got counseling in BA first year have not deposited the fees and only about 35 percent of the students who have deposited the fees are coming to study. While the class is going on continuously.

Classes did not run on Monday due to Devutthani Ekadashi but the offices remained open. The students submitted the forms at the counter. MA 1st year English, Political Science, Economics, Pedagogy, Medieval History has 60-60 seats in all. Applications have come for admission and out of the merit students, 17 students have taken admission in Hindi subject and 28 students in sociology.

Eight seats are vacant in Political Science, nine in Education, seven in English, six in medieval history. The subject wise classes of undergraduate and postgraduate have started but the boys and girls are not showing interest in attending the classes. Principal Professor Sitaram Singh said that the classes are going on continuously but the number of students studying in the classes is not as expected.

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