4.9 lakh rupees will be spent for the quality of education, teacher cluster meeting will be held in bareilly

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Employment News-In order to achieve the goals set under Mission Prerna and to improve the level of education in schools, teachers' clusters have been formed in all the Nyaya Panchayats of the district. In each Nyaya Panchayat, five teachers have been made members of the teachers' complex. 4 lakh 9 thousand rupees will be allotted to the district for holding regular meeting of teachers on behalf of the teacher complex.

There are 186 Nyaya Panchayats in the district. At the Nyaya Panchayat level, five teachers each have been made cluster teachers. According to which there are 780 members in all the Nyaya Panchayats. On behalf of the government, instructions have been given to send money to the accounts of the school management committee at the rate of Rs 2200 in the schools of the teachers selected as teacher packages in the district. 4 lakh 9 thousand rupees will be distributed to 780 teacher cluster members.

From this amount, teachers will have to spend for organizing meetings, communicating with teachers and arranging necessary stationery in the meeting. These teachers have been given a target to make their schools as model schools. The responsibility of motivating other teachers has also been given through internet media by organizing innovation and excellent activities in the school. Teachers of primary and upper primary schools will participate in the meeting of teachers' cluster only once in a month.

Teachers have been instructed to organize meeting of teachers' cluster every month. So that efforts should be made to improve the quality of education in the meeting. Vinay Kumar, BSA

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