2.8% of children up to 10 years of age are not enrolled in schools in Corona

Employment News

Employment News-Corona and lockdown have also affected the admission in schools. In the state in 2020, 2.8% children in the age group of six to 10 years have not been able to get admission in schools. In 2018, there were 0.9% children in this age group. In the age group of 15-16, 3.7% children are not enrolled. However, it is less than 2018 (9.8 per cent). These facts have come to the fore in the Annual Status of Education Report (Gramin), which has been prepared on the basis of a survey conducted in 14 districts of Jammu and Kashmir.

It has been revealed in the report that while studying at home, 63 percent of parents have helped their children in their studies, while in the neighboring state of Himachal, 80 percent of the parents have helped their children with their studies. In Jammu and Kashmir, 52.7 percent of children's mothers and 20.5% of fathers have no formal schooling, the report said. While 77.1 percent of school children's parents have smartphones, in 2018 this figure was 50.9%. Children of private schools have got more material and activities related to studies while studying at home than government schools. In this, WhatsApp has been the biggest medium for sending education related material.

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