1600 teachers of East Singhbhum remain absent daily, this is how the truth came to the fore

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Employment News-In the review meeting conducted by the Department of School Education and Literacy regarding biometric attendance, it has come to the notice of 1600 teachers of East Singhbhum district being absent daily. Rajesh Sharma, Secretary, Department of School Education and Literacy has also expressed displeasure regarding this.

After this the Education Department of East Singhbhum district has raced. District Education Officer SD Tigga has written a letter to all the schools and ordered them to clarify the situation and has stopped the salary of 1600 teachers. It is to be known that apart from government teachers, para teachers, it is mandatory for all the employees of the education department to make biometric attendance. According to the department this is not being done properly.

No option to fill leave in Biometrics tab

In fact, there is a technical glitch in the absence of such a number of teachers. Giving information in this regard, East Singhbhum District President of Jharkhand Primary Teachers Association, Arun Kumar Singh said that there is no option to fill leave in Biometrics tab, fill on duty after working on deputation site. Due to this a large number of teachers are being shown absent. This bothers the teachers. Withholding the salary of teachers is not a solution. This problem should be troubled.

How many teachers absent in which block

Block Name - Absent Teacher

Baharagora - 129

Bodam - 74

Chakulia - 148

Dhalbhumgarh - 117

Dumaria - 101

Ghatshila - 119

Gudabandha - 59

Jamshedpur - 465

Musabani - 109

Patmada - 116

Potka - 233

Total : 1670

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